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Originally Posted by KatTails View Post
Having a lot of pain on the top of my left foot. It's been happening off and on for about a year. It hurts just to walk and almost feels like broken bones but being that it comes and goes I know that's not it. I really should have it looked at.
What Sour Girl said, new shoes are a MUST! I found that even cheaper new shoes that can work for a month or two are better on your feet than the old ones. I get pains in my ankles that is excurciating, the doctor said it was just muscles tightening up and I needed to spend ALOT more time streching the muscles in my feet and ankles. So while I sit at my desk at work, I do the streches and I have had only one minor flare up in three months. I used to get shin spints (top of my foot to my shin), but the muscle would cramp up so bad, that I couldn't flex my foot. That too was fixed (not immediately) with streching my feet. Getting old sucks!

The last few weeks have been spent finishing projects with a deadline instead of walking . Must start back again this week, just in time to go out of town on Saturday, at least there is a free gym with a treadmill at the hotel I will be staying at. Unfortunately, my schedule is such that I must walk after 9pm and the mosquitos are out in force at that time , so the treadmill it is.
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