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Originally Posted by KatTails View Post
Having a lot of pain on the top of my left foot. It's been happening off and on for about a year. It hurts just to walk and almost feels like broken bones but being that it comes and goes I know that's not it. I really should have it looked at. Maybe once I'm off work for the summer.

Because of the foot pain, I didn't walk yesterday and probably won't today either. Tomorrow I'm busy all day so I doubt I'll have time to walk. Hopefully I'll be able to walk Thursday and get back on a routine. I'm actually enjoying my walks and now feel bad when I don't walk. That's a good sign!
Have you bought shoes yet ?

If not, good supportive shoes are NOT a luxury item,..they are a neccessity of life,..PLEASE find away to get some

It sounds small, but its part of taking care of yourself. Believing you are worth looking after,..****

Just a thought.

As for me, I am losing weight without trying.
Not because I am oh-so-fab,...not at all.
Found out my body was/is under attack, I`m not as healthy as I use to be, and I`ll probably have to be careful for the rest of my life.

Somehow, its either not hitting me yet, or I am not really grasping the years ahead of me. Though as I type, I realize it has more to do with how good I feel this week, physically.

I am in good spirits, and actually feel much better today, then I have in months. I thought I was focused before, thought I felt peaceful, but now I feel beyond that, simply for knowing whats going on with my body and that I can do something about it.
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