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Originally Posted by sharonmiranda View Post

I've always thought the only way I can handle all this is if my heart pulls away. Now that that's happened, maybe I can be ok to hang around, and actually be poly myself. At least until a mono shows up in my life.

I have a similar belief. Not that I can't handle my current situation..that's easy and I love it. But in order to handle an open relationship approach to poly would require more distance I think. The problem with that is the weaker I imagine my connection becoming, the greater the risk that it slips away or that I form a new connections for monos are only good for two people..not three.
Originally Posted by sharonmiranda View Post

I wish I could come upon my own monogamous partner
This is a very powerful statements my friend. This tells me you are settling. I have never wanted RP all to in taking her away from her husband. I had a monogmaous partner who gave me that experience for almost 18 years so I don't feel lacking in that area.

Keep searching inside. Good luck

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