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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Is it possible that you are feeling a bit "cheated" since she has begun unlocking her sexuality, you had to deal with all the emotional and sexual baggage and now others are benefiting? You said that she has only been on board for one month, maybe things are moving a little too fast.
Yes absolutely. I feel hurt. Like how can you make me wait 20 years for one of my fantasies and then turn around and give it to him in 4 weeks! I agree things are moving too fast. I sent her an email saying that this morning. I understand though that she was "in the moment" and excited but nonetheless it hurts.

We both did not talk enough of what was allowed and not allowed. She was with him Sunday morning and I thought I was agreeing to some quiet time and some kissing but I found out it went way beyond that. It was both our faults.

I am trying to reflect on my emotions and why they are there. I guess it will take time.
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