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Originally Posted by questioningperson View Post
A movie that could have seriously had polyamory was unfaithful with Richard Gere, Oliver martinez and Diane lane they both had such a fiery passion for her and also at the same time brought at different sides in her. It would have been way better then how it actually ended with Richard Gere killing Oliver Martinez worst ending ever.
I loved the ending, which wasn't the lover being killed, but open-ended with them in the car deciding whether to go to the police. I always appreciate endings that leave the audience to discuss and decide what happens. It made you think.

I loved that movie. Went to the premiere in NYC (yes, walked down a red carpet - fun!) and stood next to Gere in the lobby afterwards. He's short! Oh, but extremely handsome in person, hubba hubba. I was too shy to say hello. Anyway, I thought that the way they had his character kill her lover was very well-done. That moment was electrifying, I thought. It wasn't pre-meditated; it was a gut reaction, and I became nauseous with him. It showed how good people can lose control and do bad things. Which is also what she was doing by cheating. The brilliant part of that film (and there were many) was where, near the end, in flashback, they show how a cab had come by when she first met the French guy, and that she made a conscious choice -- she wasn't just going along with something out of her control as they portrayed it before that point. Lane was amazing in that film -- omigawd, the scene on the train!!!

Yes, it could have incorporated poly, but it would have changed the whole point of it, which was examining cheating and dishonesty and the lies we tell ourselves and each other. Plus, in the end, you could see they were on the way to healing their relationship. Well, I guess it could've still showed all that and included poly, but it certainly wouldn't have had the impact that it did in looking at those issues. One of my favorite films!
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