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The whole experience thus far has been mostly emotional and much less physical. She really has gotten a huge amount of support from myself and the other couple. They are like family to us now.

Yes I tell myself I want all those things and yes I am physical with the other woman. I am not concerned about my wife having feels at all. It's just that I seem to have a hang up about sex wit her and another man.

I've been digging. I think you made a great point. "Is it a double standard?" I think my upbringing, societal influence and her previosly being so close minded that I never once considered her "wanting" another man sexually.

Obviously for me, as a man, I have always wanted more physical action. Especially since I have only been with my wife. I need to change my programming.

Thanks for responding. This has been one of the most difficult hings I have dealth with in my life.
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