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Default Coping with sharing your wife sexually

I'm am a 37 year old man in a poly relationship. My wife and I are in a relationship with another married couple. While I have been pro-poly for only the past 10 months my wife is only 1 month into her relationship.

The problem is her relationship has become very physical and I am having the worst time dealing with it. I feel hurt, sad, angry, betrayed, disgusted and sometimes repulsed by her actions even though I allow them. One part wants to make her happy and the other part is just sick. Enough to make me re-think this poly lifestyle.

How do I cope with these emotions?

ps. for some background, my wife was very close minded person with serious emotional issues. Since this all started the 3 of us have helped her come out of her shell. She is discovering herself sexually and emotionally. for example, I finally convinced her to try a vibrator and she recently masturbated for the first time in her life! she is 38. she now is friendly and has friends.

Thanks for any insight.
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