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@ BU

Yeah, I agree somewhat. Perhaps there are some who make it work but I think it does pose problems given the intensity of a M/s dynamic. In addition, I think, for me, it would be pretty stressful. I'm not a big fan of 24/7 anything. But I suppose if real life is taken into account and woven well into the protocols.... General kink lends itself exceedingly well to poly. I've encountered many in the kink community that seem to be at least poly friendly, if not poly themselves to some degree. And like poly, there are so many ways to be kinky and a rainbow of ways a relationship can be built. I like the variety and flexibility.

Yes, I think it is starting to get better. I, too, am in my sluttification process. lol I've been rather enjoying it lately.

@ Indie


Hehe, it's ok to ask. I think I did chuckle a bit when I read it though. So I do use tampons although I had to start with the supermini ones and for a long time it was pretty painful to use them. Over the years, I managed to graduate to some larger objects... I still am not quite at the point where I could fit a normal penis. I'm getting closer though. It's about as thick as the webbing between a normal person's thumb and pointer finger. So penetration with movement can be uncomfortable/excruciating. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just have it removed. I'd like to try and progress without the surgery but I may end up needing it.

I think a lot of us in the BDSM world sometimes struggle with finding what we do disturbing. I know I felt like a gigantic freak for years. The kinky community does some crazy stuff! The thing to keep in mind is that those involved, 95% of the time, are absolutely ecstatic to be doing so. I will encounter fetishes that I might find gross or scary and I try to remember that. It usually helps me. I've been pretty lucky to come across a quality group of people who are really respectful in play and very friendly. People have been helpful in letting me know who's good to play with and who to be careful of.
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