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Default End of Relationships...

If you have a relationship fail with one partner, how much do you lean on/talk to your other partners when dealing with the fallout.

Long story short... I am (well, was) the point in a V, with two boyfriends, Adam* and Barry*- until Barry dumped me flat on my ass this weekend. I should have seen in coming, but didn't, and consequently am not doing very well. The kind of bad where my record is 4 hours without crying, and that's when I was sleeping.

Further problem is, me upset like this is pretty much killing Adam, who has a bit of a savior complex and a HUGE "your-happiness-is-my-happiness" complex, and the fact that he can't cheer me up (or be enough for me, I kind of suspect...) is really stressing him -and us- out. While I know I'll get over it, I just *can't* deal with two broken relationships right now...

To make matters worse- Adam and I are currently long distance, and I don't have a lot of friends where I am right now, so the soonest I'll get to talk to *anyone* in person is probably Thursday or Friday. This is not helping my mood.


*Names changed, of course.
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