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Originally Posted by ray View Post
I'm not really looking for a 24/7 Master/slave dynamic. I enjoy play and some power exchange but with moderation.

I'm starting to suspect that TPE isn't actually even very compatible with poly - the two relationship ideologies just seem fundamentally at odds to me. Maybe some form of poly-fi would work, but again, I have an outsider's view on the matter - I would fit the audience of the book 'When someone you love is kinky' .

I'm sorry to hear your first relationship experience was so shitty! But to paraphrase a recent campaign, 'It gets better'.

I had my first relationship/first intercourse at 20, going on 21, because I just never found anyone it would have felt 'right' with before. And look at how I have sluttified! Since starting on poly, the amount of my sexual partners has increased by 300 % .
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