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Originally Posted by dearprudence View Post
And if she decides to not tell her boyfriend, then C can decide if that's okay with him. I don't want to be uncomfortable in my own home feeling like I'm contributing to something that I don't like.
Let's call it like it is..C is acting disrespectful and dishonest towards this girls boyfriend. If he is really concerned and not thinking primarily about his own needs, he'll break it off until she acts like an adult and is upfront with her boyfriend. There is no excuse for this other than selfishness. You have every right to not want them in your home!

If this woman can do this to her boyfriend does your husband not think she might be doing it to him as well? She's having an affair, he's involved in an affair and both of them are hurting her boyfriend whether they want to admit it or not. Time to grow up for both of them.

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