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Oh, honey, 22 is not very late. You take your time and do it when it feels right. If you feel that BDsm scenes are helping you come to terms with sex and sexuality, I think that's great. I certainly made some idiot moves when I was your age, trying my sexuality on for size. Oy! I do find a lot of the BDsm world disturbing, but some of it appeals to me. I think if you can pick and choose what aspects appeal to you and set boundaries that make sure you are safe, it's good. I would only caution you to make sure the people you play with are trustworthy and not assholes about it. My next question is possibly the weirdest sentence I've ever written on a message board: I am curious about your hymen. <giggle> Have you never used tampons? Or is it so thick you can't insert one?

Sorry about such a personal question, but you just piqued my curiosity when you mentioned it!
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