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Thanks Sourgirl you hit the nail on the head with a couple of things there for me, for sure. I will attempt to have more perspective. I find its expected some how that I be a bitchy, demanding, whiny so and so who believes that everything should be my way or the highway... how does one attempt to veer people off that course if they already have their mind made up... I guess I can't and will continue to just be me and hope they notice the difference. If it challenges them to think I am dominant then likely that will be tested and I will either do what I always do and challenge their authority over me or blow them off.

What a great weekend. It started with some fancy organization to get Derby's husbands motorbike. He crashed it near our house and ended up in the hospital. He was okay, but had a broken foot. Hurray for thousands of dollars of protective gear!

Mono went to get his bike and we now have it sitting in our drive way until he decides what to do with it... it can sit there until the cows come home really. He won't be riding it for awhile. There is a lot of work to do on it to fix it up and he is out of commission.

Its been tiring for my Derby girl these past few days. The kids got shuffled off to the grandparents and Derby held things up will hubby went through surgery and got settled at home. Derby seems to of fractured a rib during a Derby boot camp last week and isn't in the best condition herself... sigh... I am hoping that she ended up having a restful day today and is feeling better tomorrow...

I am well into the next burlesque show that is coming up June 10th. I'm in two numbers, have one of my own and doing pick up! I'm even singing in one this time! I feel more confident than ever about it all and seem to get along great with the other women. I sometimes don't catch what we are doing though (don't hear what has been said) and don't have any ideas, whereas they are quick to come up with stuff. I end up having to ask them to repeat makes me feel old. I try to pay little attention to that and carry on listening really hard!

We had a really fun pub night last week that I hosted in terms of organizing it. I think upwards of 30 people came. I was concerned the staff at the pub would object to us moving tables and making ourselves comfy, but they didn't as far as I know. I try to stay out of it and blissfully unaware of stuff when I host an event. I hate micromanaging other peoples lives. I figure they are grown ups they can take care of it. It works quite well usually...

So I heard from my friend and we sorted it out. It turns out I hugged her too hard. Note taken, don't hug her so hard. I guess I was too excited when I saw her. It was more about boundary setting for her I think and that is fine. I wished she had said in the moment though rather than a half week later and after a couple of nights lost sleep because I was worrying. We sorted that out too.

PN had his first ever workshop on Saturday night. Mono and I went and were instructed on how we could help out making coffee, cutting up fruit and generally being support if need be. I was SO awesome to see PN shine while doing something he loves.

After an incredible 5 hours of process and reflection and everyone had left, we sat down together. I reflected on where this journey began for him and it was most definitely when I met Mono. He had tons of time to himself to do some self help and write... he now has a website the realized self, and has taken up meditating, is going on retreats to meditate, identifies more and more as a Buddhist and is starting to create these workshops from his reading and writing. Very exciting and DEFINITELY a plus in terms of our poly relationship and the vee we are in. We and he, couldn't of done any of it without Mono being in our lives.
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