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Default Weak, weak, weak

I caved. 4 weeks is all I could hold out.

Anyway busy week with the kids...prom and graduation! Yikes time flies by! I cannot believe I am the mother of adults!

Hubs and I are planning a trip at the end of June. Thank God. I need a break.
And will definitely need one by the END of June. Grad party coming up and jeez I am a nervous wreck about it. Planning and feeding 100+ peeps!

As far as poly...talked with some dear friends this weekend about some struggling. One who is poly and struggling with his own stuff, and one who is definitely mono but the best listener! Getting some perspective. Both advised stop worrying about making everyone else happy, really concentrate on what I am looking for for happiness. *sigh* Not sure what that is...especially since not making sure everyone else is happy often makes me unhappy. PP disease!
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