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Thank you GS for your patience... and persistance... while *"walking" with me through this. *I am understanding... *Allbeit agonizingly slowly.
Funny you brought up the analogy (my brain thinks in analogies!) of: "If we have tied our rope too tightly to any particular buoy we may get swamped as the tide rises." *RS and I sometimes refer to ourselves as boats (...preferably sailboats..) *I like the idea of building a "boat" ( ie. relationship ) together that we both live on ( share together/with each other) *but we also have a dingy that we use to "visit" other "boats", sometimes together and sometimes on our own. BUT always comming back to OUR boat after visiting someone elses boat , or even another harbor. *That's my ideal...
**RS wants her own boat, perhaps tied to mine but her own ship nonetheless, her own helm, be captain of her own ship. *I managed to tie the lines too tightly and a few of them are 'reluctant' to loosen... I'm trying to untie them. *
I recently got smacked in the head with the boom of her boat... Efectively knocking me off of her boat. When I reached to have her pull me back aboard it became apparent I was welcome aboard her vessle "idealy" 3days/nights a week....*
Not my idea of a livaboard.
Now I'm trying to figure out how to singlehandedly sail my boat and hopefully be able to share an ancorage with hers from time to time.
Meanwhile I have a sore head, I'm cold and soggy and I need to bail out my own boat because it sprung a few leaks... I'll light a fire in the ships stove, dry out the cabin and my clothes (they needed washing anyway) fix the leaks and maybe go fishing. *I'll also pay closer attention to the boom... * * **
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