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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
You're absolutely right Brigids !
I think that starts to change sometimes if you get a few multipartner experiences under your belt. Your imagination starts to come back. And imagination in sex is critical !

For me the change in thought process happened while I was studying for my degree. I have a B.S. in Family Development; studying the different family dynamics across cultures made me think about how children are raised with certain beliefs that are designed to help them fit and function in society as adults. We had many discussions and projects that, over time, helped me find my own core values apart from social conditioning.

A decade ago, it was Runic Wolf holding the mirror infront of my face and saying "honey, you're bi, you need to experience that part of you" and creating/ allowing situations where I could explore my sexuality safely. I honestly don't think I could have emotionally handled him exploring his own at the same time. (Before you say that sounds unfair, I recognize this, but at the time we were stationed 2,000 miles away from home and he was my only family/ support.)

We've never had problems with imagination in sex. But poly does present some interesting postions that cannot be accomplished with only 2 people.
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