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Originally Posted by MrDreadful View Post
Cathedral's Forest of Equilibrium and Electric Wizard's Dopethrone. To me these albums are what doom is about... no groove, no irony, no drone (and I love drone) just slow, almost hypnotic, tempos; walls of fuzz; powerful drums; and vocals ranging from the languid to the hateful.
Electric Wizard are just yum! I can't say I remember listening to Cathedral, but certainly heard they are great. I really love Death/Doom... and Draconian are one of my favs in the style. 'Turning Season Within' is an amazing album by them.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I rarely.. and I mean.. RARELY like entire albums. In fact I can only think of two

Disturbed and rise against both have albums where I like the entire song list. GNR, poison, metallica (good picks ) and motley crue have come close with random albums.

Its why I was and am a huge proponent of single(s).. entire albums rarely produce 12 to 16 great songs. Let alone good songs.
12 to 16? Any more then 10 is generally too much for me. If I could just have a single song to last the entire 60 minutes or so, I would be happy. Which Porcupine Tree actually do with 'The Incident'. 55 minutes of a single song. Then a separate 20 minute disk with 4 songs on. But Not my fav album. The first album I listened to of theirs was 'Fear Of A Blank Planet' and it just blew me away. 6 songs that are just perfect.

I have to admit, I really love Rise Against too. But their earlier stuff is where I would say I love their full albums. Anyone can write a good song, but it takes a lot of talent to write 60 minutes worth of material that actually keeps someone wanting to listen. I think GnR are one of those bands that just had a few good songs here and there. Even then, only good in the fact that they were catchy and sold a lot of copies. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's just not my thing. I love techincal and/or emotional music most the time. When it does come to catchy, I really love Trance. But even then, I prefer the more technical stuff.

EDIT: Which makes me think - Infected Mushroom's 'Vicious Delicious' is a great Trance album with some great Metal influence in there. A whole song influenced by Metallica called 'Heavyweight' is brilliant.
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