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"On the other hand, in at least some Buddhist circles, the word "detachment" is roughly equivalent to the word "equanimity". To have equanimity with respect to something is not to regard it in a way that is cold or unfeeling or vacant; rather, having equanimity involves having a good, healthy sense of proportion - it's the opposite of clinging to something in an unhealthy way."

THANK YOU!!!!!!! * **
I think (I hope) I get it now! *I read "detachment" in it's literal form and missed the point. *Although Blakes "eternity" is in a manner 'detaching', I understand now. *Thank you for so humbly and thoughtfully pointing this out to my un-enlightened self. *

It seems as though my emphisis on "sleeping" with the person I care about came off as more omniportant than I intended. *Although I do associate sleeping (actual sleeping) with all the "primal" efects considered by Snowbunting. *"Pack-like" might be a good way to associate how sleeping with beloveds; *be they human and the dog variety make me feel. **
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