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"art to developing detachment"
ive been rolling around with this for 'daze'... initially thinking "developing detachment" was the saddest statement I ever heard in my life.

Yes GS... it still seems so very sad. I must not be seeing this for how it is meant.*
*I don't feel adiction... *I feel joy, peace, excitement, enthusiasm, contentment in knowing and feeling a deep connection, yes connection with someone. Understanding them AND absolutly knowing they want to be understood and accepted and they understand, accept *me. *NOT always agreeing, with each other but accepting of differences. **
I know this may scare the shit out of some people for whatever reason; they may fear they will 'get lost', loose 'themselves'... Loose CONTROL... I've been told this by people who will not let go of themselves. *
This deep connection I know I have felt is like the complete abandonment of ego durring a profound orgasm. *That amazing feeling of utter release that takes over your entire being, only it stays with you in a subtle everpresent way.*
It's NOT NRE ... It's way past that. This feeling takes a long time to establish. Time, that is the key factor. Lots of time. *
It's an amazingly joyfull presence that is there because it is sustained by the bond between people. It would be fantastic if it could be felt for more than one at the same time. I imagine that could happen if we allowed ourselves to feel it.*
What I find sad is the thought of never feeling that joy again because it is 'wrong' to feel that way... *
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