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KT, I really think it would serve you to look at your eating as a form of a addiction that is part of your relationship issues. Over-eating is a form of comfort and unless we stop it we won't look at the reasons behind it. All that happens is that we maintain an unhealthy, unattractive weight that makes us insecure about ourselves and our relationship, as well as prone to depression. Over-eaters anonymous uses the same 12 step programme that AA does.

I've always had weight issues, I think I went on my first diet when I was 10. Since giving up alcohol at the beginning of the year and going from having an active business and a garden to living in an apartment and sitting on my backside writing all day the weight has just piled on. Ironic really when everyone said to me that if I gave up the wine I wouldn't have a weight problem because I didn't eat that much.

But I just swapped my alcohol addiction to food. Food doesn't do for me what alcohol did but when I started binging on sugary things and getting a kind of sugar hangover the next day I knew something was up. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I really wanted to get it sorted for once and for all. So I joined the Weight Watchers. AA has worked so well for me I thought the structure of weight watchers would do a similar thing. Of course I can't give up food completely but by following the programme carefully I seem to have food under control and feel so much better.

I presume WW is the same in the US and Canada as it is down under. The new pro-points system is fantastic because you get 49 extra points every week for extras without having to save them up from your daily allowance.
Everything is also online so tracking and saving favourites makes it all so much easier. I have tried weight watchers heaps of times but this is a HUGE improvement. And of course you can have a version on your iphone but that's a bit trickier for a techno-phobe like me.
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