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Default Thanks!

Thanks so much, Alan, both for your kindness and for the information you gave. You asked about a social support network - how I'd love to have a solid social support network! (For me, one of the hardest things about being poly, so far at least, has been a sense of isolation - one of the reasons I'm so glad that this forum exists is that it mitigates that sense of isolation.) There is a local poly community where I live, but I've been reluctant to get involved while my husband and I are living together. In any case, the central poly organization here looks great, at least from what I can tell by looking at it from the outside. It's interesting - to know what the organization is like from the inside, one has to be accepted by it (after filling out an online application, which is then reviewed by a membership committee). It seems clear that the organization is run by thoughtful, intentional people - I'm looking forward to meeting them (if I get accepted, that is).

Anyway, thanks again!!

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