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Hugs, and thank you so much for your story! Please keep us posted on how life develops.

What kind of social support network do you have? Have you thought about searching out your local poly community? Here are lists, by state:


Modern Poly's local poly group registry, with interactive map:
(You can add your own!)

Tristan Taormino's list:
(Send corrections/changes/additions to sarah (AT) puckerup (DOT) com)

Loving More's list:
(Send changes/corrections/additions to jvgarcia (AT) lovemore (DOT) com)

PolyMatchMaker's list:
(Send changes/corrections/additions to )

Expansive Loving list:
(Requires Yahoo Groups sign-in)


Also, check Yahoo Groups and for discussions and meetups.

Best wishes,

Alan M.
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