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Sorry it's been a while, reality and weather with it's associated power outages have kept me fairly occupied. I did a post a story -->
If you want to read it.

A lot of people have commented that I have found some amazing elusive acceptance for M and R. Putting aside jealousy and appreciating their love without it affecting mine and M's. For the most part that's true but not because we planned it that way. This kinda of just happened, none of us three were looking to establish it so we ended up here without any preconceived fantasy of what it should be like.

R comes over once or twice a week, him and M usually get to see each other for a little bit every day and there is lots of texting and calls. I pretty much get the lion's share of time with her. She is happier, she is fufilled, it has made our relationship better because of that.

R and I text some and the three of us have meaningful conversation when we are together, we are all friends, we all have our own time together and alone.

If we were to all live together I don't know how I would feel, I don't know how she would choose which bed to sleep in or whose hand to hold. At this point it's not something I have to worry about so I don't let it bother me. I will cross that bridge if we ever get to it.

Currently though, I want what she has. I am envious of her situation.... I am looking at people with a different set of eyes, I know it's possible now and I see how good it can be for the one in the middle.
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