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James-I TOTALLY get that! I feel like I have some stupid stuff on my list of "good attributes" AND my list of bad ones as well!

I have hairy toes-no kidding. Serious as a heart attack they look like hobbit toes. It totally freaks me out. For YEARS AND YEARS I refused to take my socks off around ANYONE. I mean ANYONE. I had sex with my socks on!!! (and my shirt too)..
But then one day I was like-does anyone else even give a crap about my TOES???????

The answer is not really.

When I met Maca he was 17 and had a nice body, fairly fit, beautiful red curly hair (that he hated) and gorgeous blue eyes.
Now he is 38 and he's got a pudgy little belly AWESOME SEXY arms, beautiful mostly blonde curly hair 9that he still hates) and GORGEOUS blue eyes.

And you know what? I don't even SEE that pudgy belly.

When we met I know I had a hot body with LONG LONG LONG legs and firm "stay up there" boobs. Now after having babies, feeding those babies and aging I weight about 25 pounds more then I should (was 40 pounds more then now a couple years ago) and the boobs could be used to make funny old lady saggy boob picture jokes!
You know what? He still looks at me and gets chills up his spine and can't stop himself from attacking me!

When you love yourself-you find out that what people love you for is NOT the shallow little things you see when you are putting yourself down.

So-humor us, tell us about YOU. Not what you look like, or what you are self conscious about, what about YOU.

Obviously you are a caring and devoted person to stay with someone through such a hard and painful ending of their life. Having seen first hand how that illness tears a person's life apart I know you must have an amazing heart!

What else? What do you like to do? What interests you?
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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