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Originally Posted by girlpatrol View Post
A forgetful bug eater. That is awesome!

I wish I could say I had some intriguing story for my screen nick. I usually go with "girlzone", a lyric from a Tori Amos song (Caught A Light Sneeze), but I guess I had Buffy on the brain, and "girlpatrol" came out.

Not that Buffy isn't also awesome.
Well after reading everyones post I had to get involved.. First of all I love Tori Amos and Buffy so thanks girlpatrol for the great user name. My favorite song is Silent all these years by Tori.

Anyways. I am Lost. I have been Lost since I started playing on the internet when I was young. My Girl is Rane. And we build the acct so both of us could read and talk with everyone.

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