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My name is Proxy, I'm 22 years old and have gone through for me a weird path. I feel that I have been polyamorous since I was eighteen, when I started my first triad relationship with my girlfriend, her boyfriend and myself. I am pansexual, I have found over the years it doesn't matter what a person is but who a person is, is what makes you attracted to them. I don't have much experience in poly quite yet, all the relationships so far that I have found have failed. Usually from someone stabbing me/us in the back, or lack of open and honest communication.

I am currently getting a divorce from my ex husband. After leaving him I found there was no reason for me to try and hide who I really was, and this is me, and I'm coming out of my shell. Over the years I've become a very open, honest and blunt individual from what I once was. As for any career, or school life right now is a halt, I currently have a part time job, and saving money to pay off school fines.

I consider my self a diamond lost in a coal mine. I'm pretty easy going, laid back and very well like I said open. I look around and find women having these problems with their boyfriends, and I usually side with men. I have grown to have more male friends than females, its just the way my life has always worked out. Okay, thats enough about me before I start going on and on, trust me I will.
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