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Oh, JnR, I can sooo forsee my future in your story! I know the day will come when my bf is ready to move on, to a more conventional relationship, and I know how much it is going to hurt. But, (like the title of your post) it is still better to have loved and lost, IMO.

Sounds to me like he is ready to start a new chapter in his life. I would hold onto my dignity and allow him his. He will be grateful to you for gracefully letting him move on, without feeling guilty for it. It will give a lot more validity to the love you did have, that you are willing to love him enough to let him go.

I can only imagine the heartache you must be feeling . But I think it is worth it, to love with all your heart, and take the pain that goes along with it (such a sacrifice). Hopefully you can pour your heart and your energies back into your relationship with your husband (who sounds like an awesome guy!), and eventually be open to love more, again, someday. Until then, I say hold onto your dignity. Let him go, show you are high class. You don't need to beg for scraps of his time, you had the best of him at one time, tuck that in to your heart and hold it close, a precious experience that can never be taken from you. He will then be able to look back on his relationship with you with a smile. That Love was like a beautiful butterfly that lighted on your hand, and then when it flew, you did nothing to rub off the powdery substance, necessary for flight! Yay, you!!!
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