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Originally Posted by Terra View Post
Additionally, she has been contacting me a lot individually and talked about seeing me individually, and that makes me feel guilty towards the old boyfriend, whom I suspect would be hurt to know how much she is in contact.
Are you sure he would be hurt? Do they have an agreement to only date people together? I would want to clear this up with them ASAP, but if you happen to like her enough to want to see her without him, there is certainly no reason to feel guilty about it, although of course if it would bother him, I wouldn't go there.

I don't have any other advice really, I've found to be great for me for poly dating - when I had a profile on adult friend finder years ago looking to meet women, all I got were women who wanted me to have threesomes with them and their male partners, so for romantic relationships, I'd certainly recommend OKcupid if you haven't tried it, or to see if there are local poly meet ups in your area if you are more of a social beast.
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