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Default Status report

It's been six months since we opened up our marriage, and over three months since my last post on this forum. I want to let everyone know how we're doing.


Don't get me wrong, we've definitely had some rocky times along the way, mostly due to me in my conversion from mono to poly. We've discussed divorce on multiple occasions, mostly due to the stress or complications of this new style of relationship, of which neither of us had any past experience. But we loved each other every step of the way and worked through it. I've also become increasingly open to others about our new lifestyle, and I love our vee tribe... we're great together.

We're all 100% committed to each other and practice polyfidelity: we're all equal primaries, live together, lifetime LTRs, and even raise our kids together. It's quite amazing and wonderful.

Along the way, I dated a few people and fell in madly love with one that thought she was poly, but after we fell in love with each other, she realized that she couldn't stand the thought of sharing me. We're still best friends and talk every day, and I would gladly be more with her again if/when she's ready in the future. And honestly, even just as friends, it's wonderful the type of loving relationship that we can share.

So that's where we're at now... I think we're finally done with (my) drama and focusing on living our lives as a polyfi family together. I love my tribe, my kids, my friends, and my new life. And if I meet someone special that's interested in joining me as a primary partner in our tribe, then I could gladly accept her in and commit to her... but I'm also happy even if that never happens.

Thank you again for everyone's help and support on this forum as I went through those very rocky first few months. It was tremendously valuable!

-- Polymonial
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