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Default New approach

As this journey continues for T and I, I'm going to have to change what I post here. When I started I had Ts agreement to post about her and how I saw this going for us/me. Now that we have established connections in poly land locally I have to consider the anonymity and feelings of all involved. It's a small community here and I know far to little about the connections and relationships to be tromping around as I have.

Being new to poly doesn't excuse me from practicing personal discretion in matters that may include others, ever.

M2, T2, and ### have been nothing but kind warm and good hearted showing me and T generosity and friendship all along the way. I want to look after those relationships and not hurt the very people I'm trying to befriend.
I may have already overstepped my bounds here, not sure really, but I'll know for certain soon I think.

This communications stuff is more complicated then the book on physics and quantum mechanics I'm currently reading. Who knew?
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