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Oh hey, another post while I was replying, cool.

Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
"Just having sex" may have implications that may only surface after the fact. Then it's too late to take it back. Even though she is suggesting this and isn't saying she wants the same freedom, try putting yourself in her shoes and imagine if she "just had sex".
This is my biggest worry. Whenever I try and put myself into her shoes it really weirds me out, because the idea of her with another guy just rips at some real root feeling in me. It's not at all rational, but it's too strong to ignore. If she feels the same she sure isn't telling me.

Anyways, the very earliest this could even be a possibility would be next fall, so we have all of summer to talk it over, and even in fall I won't be jumping into anything.

Ya'll are pretty helpful here.

Originally Posted by Ember View Post
If you'd like a web site feel free to message me and I'll shoot you a link.
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