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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
I think it's unfair for Seamus to expect to be able to control who you talk to or are friends with. He should have a say in who you're banging, but friends? That's too controlling for me. If it was me, I would keep things with the ex strictly platonic in order to maintain a friendship.

Just my two cents.
I understand that totally... he's not like that in general. He's actually been super supportive when I was pursuing W, who I've been interested in for a year and a half or so. He's still supportive about that. It's just this specific guy that he doesn't like. I don't know, maybe I should try and arrange for them to talk on the phone or something, but with one of them not speaking French and the other not speaking English that sounds compromised.

I'm still interested in advice, but I think unless someone gives me a better advice, I'm going to try and give it a few days or a week and bring the subject with Seamus again.
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