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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
If we are all responsible for our own happiness....what about unhappiness? So in this case partner's and their word's and conduct can't make "us" unhappy.....right. Its a simple choice of seeing only good....don't let the bad or disagreeable in. I wish I could do that....not there yet.
No, don't block out uncomfortable feelings. You feel them as they come up without judging or hanging on to them. You look at and see everything and know that it is all what you helped create. But they are your feelings and yes, you are also responsible for your own unhappiness. We have choices in how we react and respond lots of times, and then there are times when feelings just rise up in us organically. No one has the power to make us happy or unhappy (unless we give our power away to them, which is really just stepping back and not owning up to your own shit).
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