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Default continued...

oops, too long, gonna be a sequel here

Okay, so here it is... should I continue to try and reach my hand and heart out to him in the hopes of regaining a friendship/relationship with him? Does he truly need more time to feel comfortable, or is this just his way of passively letting me know he is not interested and has found other outlets that he enjoys? Ugh! I don't want to spend a lot of time and emotions chasing something that will not be. Maybe I should just close that door in my heart and move forward, but I have such love for him still and miss having him in my life... Is it possible to go backwards and try to regain something with the heartache issues from the past?

I know this is long and involved, and probably some holes in the story that may make it confusing. I am looking forward to any ideas, advice, criticism, thoughts on this whole mess. It's difficult to discuss with my husband, although he does try. He just doesn't really trust that this man has my best interests at heart, so its difficult for him to be impartial with his advice Thanks!
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