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Originally Posted by River View Post
The Ninth Annual Poly Pride Weekend is fast approaching!
October 9-10, 2009
Yes, yes it is. I just left Vancouver yesterday afternoon, and I'm driving across the country through the States. I'm looking at stopping in at a couple places along the way, and figured since the opportunity was there, I'd try to see about stopping in at the Picnic on Saturday. (Strange that I have a hard time making meetups in Vancouver or Seattle, but it's somehow easier in NYC which is only 5000 miles away!)

My question...if there anyone in the NY area that would be willing to host an out-of-towner for a couple hours on or around Saturday? All I really need is a place to park my truck and get some sleep before the festivities, and some helpful advice on getting around the town.

If there is, please contact by PM or email.

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