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Default Work in progress

Hello everyone,

As many other have said before me, this site is a wonderful resource and I am glad it exists!

I am very new to being poly and don't yet have a good grasp of the vocabulary so please be patient if I misuse any terms.

My husband (NightDragon) and I have been married for 4 1/2 years, from the start we discussed being polyamorous. He had one previous FMF relationship in which they all lived and loved together. The relationship fell apart in epic proportions. I had one minor relationship of MFM it didn't last and it wasn't as detailed or intimate as his.

Over the years we have experimented with FMF relationships (I am bi) but they never got beyond the starting gate. Recently we unexpectedly found a "third" who is male (Dragonborn). Neither he nor my husband are bi. This has created a void for my husband and bouts with jealousy. We have struggled greatly with learning to communicate with each other, although we are making headway thanks in part to this very site!

After many long nights, lots of tears and a lot of soul searching we have all agreed to find a fourth to hopefully complete the circle. Strangely enough finding her wasn't as difficult as we first anticipated. Turns out one of our previous experiments (a good one with bad timing) had been considering trying to join us again. Unfortunately she lives on the opposite coast, an issue we hope to change soon.

However our "third" and "fourth" have met once and while both are very open minded are quite unsure if they will link with each other, not a huge issue (yet that we know of) but definitely a sticking point. Especially with the monumental task of bringing her across the country.

This factor also brings up the issue(s) of; I will have relations with the other three, my husband will have two and Dragonborn may only have one, which currently he feels won't be an issue. However there is always the possibility one of us will get miffed about the others relations, a bridge we will have to cross when and if we get there.

So there you have it, our work in progress.

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