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cindie I maybe way off.... wouldn't be the first time .... Boe's feeling blue was because he concluded that it was someone else was making Jen happy....seen through his lens .....or his template. We all are going to see these situations through an individual perspective. "she the center of my universe why am I not the center of hers" .....she's all I want ....why am I not enough? Thats what I meant by the differences and perspective.

Magdlyn You said you are responsible for your happiness and you made a short list of some of the things make you happy ......I guess then you were happy in your marriage and it was your husband that asked/pushed for the divorce.

If we are all responsible for our own happiness....what about unhappiness? So in this case partner's and their word's and conduct can't make "us" unhappy.....right. Its a simple choice of seeing only good....don't let the bad or disagreeable in. I wish I could do that....not there yet.
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