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Thanks for all the responses. It has just been a difficult thing to wrap my head around. Finding out that this is what I want and perhaps what I am meant to be doing has been a very freeing experience, but the fear of losing what I love so much gets me to want to put the brakes on it. Life isnt fair in that aspect, but I truly believe we should do what we are comfortable with and happy with in this life, even if that means changing everything we know to make ourselves happy.

It is going to be a work in progress. My partner mentioned last night that there is a girl he is somewhat interested in. My heart was so happy for him when he said this! Finally, he is opening up and understanding that loving more than one person, or at least caring for more than one person, is entirely possible. I am not trying to push him to see what develops but I am very excited at this prospect. He says his biggest worry is that I say I am OK with this now but once he is pursuing something I will say I am not OK with it and he will "get into trouble". Communication is key here, and I am adamant about keeping the door open to talking always about what we are feeling or thinking.

I love this board. i appreciate all the advice and insight from those of you who are going through it and have been there. It really helps. Thank you.
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