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Truthfully, he doesn't sound so wonderful to me. Why stay with someone whom you feel like shit to be around?

It is possible to have multiple relationships in which all of them are attracted to you and love being with you and treat you with respect. It's possible to be involved with more than one person in whose presence you feel good about being you. Why settle?

I don't think it's healthy AT ALL to use other people, in the name of polyamory, to fill in and prop you up in areas where it feels bad with one person. First of all, it's an unfair burden and expectation to put on that additional person. Why should they fix the holes in your life or relationships? It wouldn't work, anyway. It'd be like trying to put a cherry on top of a bowl of ice cream that someone already laid a turd on. No amount of cherries or whipped cream can cover up the fact that there's a turd in your ice cream.
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