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You can call me Maca,

Im 38 years old been married once before. Loving Radiance is my wife of 10 years.We have 4 kids.We each have one from another relationship one together and one via a donor.We live in Alaska but are planning to spend the winters in the states and summers back up here.I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping in the summers is what gets me through the winters.

5 years ago I caught my wife cheating on me.(before anyone gasps) She had her reasons and to be Radically Honest I was a major cause of it.We decided that we could get past this and move foward.

I was so miserable for the next 5 years,I knew she was continuing her affair and I felt so second rate.Finally on the 25 of Sept she came clean and told me she was poly and that she want to be open and honest about her feelings for this other man.I have found that the honesty has really taken away so much pain, I think all I really needed was her love me enough to be honest with me.

As it stands now I have accepted Her and I have opened up to a whole new world of what love can do.Im presently open to meeting aonther women ,not out looking but keeping my heart and mind open.

I have some anger and trust issues with my wife's other but I plan to talk to him this week and get it all out in the open.Hopefully Ill update this post to say that I have found a new friendship with him.Otherwise I dont see how any of us can truly be happy.Wish me luck
" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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