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Hi Lily,

and thanks for the comments. Yes, if possible would you be able to pass me the information? Basically the waiting list I'm on is through our GP and as we've recently moved home I'm having to wait a little longer than I would have done.

I can only imagine how hard it must be for you broaching the subject with your other half. For me as I've said to my husband, I think (intellectually at least) that I may be poly, but I do have alot of childhood baggage which I thought I'd dealt with which seems to have come round and hit me in the last few years. I could see this working for us, with alot of dialogue but as I said to my husband, for me it could not feel like a light thing if that makes sense. That is to say, having met a couple of people here in the UK for me their way wouldn't be comfortable for me - at least in my present point and I think it wouldn't be for me in the future either. Basically one of the partners in that relationship has quite a few boyfriends and the other I think has one other but experiments with others (I'm not 100% sure on that but from what was said, I think that's what it is) for me, I think I would be more comfortable, and secure (?) if things were taken slowly and there weren't lots of people (apart from the fact that I have the most atrocious memory and I would have to label them all! - sorry, I have a habit of joking at wierd times)..

I think that my only place at the moment to talk about this is on here as the group that I looked at that meets in my town has our old friend who is dating my husband's ex going to it next time and I want to go to this without the constraints of having those I know there if that makes any sense.

To slightly complicate things further, my husband's ex is house-sharing with us currently. It has it's ups and downs but she and I do mostly get on (except for my trying to get through to her that I do not love housekeeping but washing up etc just needs to get done at some point! lol)

Thanks for listening and I welcome any other suggestions/thoughts.

It's actually a great weight off my shoulders that I can talk with others about this.

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