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Originally Posted by Feedhercandy View Post
My husband and I have been poly for almost a year, but this pots isn't about him (right now no new challenges there). It's my boyfriend. We've been dating for almost nine months, and have become quite emotionally attached. He has, in particular, though I have deep feelings for him as well.
Some people like to see more time before you begin to expand further. Maybe trying to hold on to NRE or even find that stability of a long term relationship. If this is where his mindset is, regardless of what he logically things, you expanding can still be a struggle.

Also, as a secondary point, could he still be in NRE and you not be. His infatuation being strong, and yours reducing. Any infatuation shown for someone else could be seen as taking away from what you have for him. Jealousy/envy rears its ugly head and voila, turmoil.

Not sure how to fix it, sorry no advice, just giving a possible perspective.
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