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We had a fun long weekend of camping and socializing with friends Each of us got to do our own thing, although RP got the short end of that stick. The first night it was just her and me and LB, the second night she got a sexy date in with Derby and watched our friend do her first burlesque show, and the third night It was her and PN and LB. She was a bit worried about camping with Leo's family as this is the first time we have seen each other since a few things happened. I re-assured her it had nothing to do with Leo and we all got along just like normal.

I stayed at home for a day and night which gave me the private time that I need and also gave RP and Leo some more space for a bit.

PN got to tuck me into bed as I was a little intoxicated after a night of deep discussions and saving the world...I really feel bad for him sometimes, I can be a real pain in the ass

Another great camping trip with more to folow this summer!

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