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Originally Posted by VENUS View Post
I don't know I even buy into the "emotionally cheating" because we cannot really control emotions that come naturally (except outwardly maybe).
"Emotional Cheating" is NOT feeling the emotions, it when you start sharing intimate personal details of you life with someone other than your spouse (SO, established partner, etc) and without their knowledge. It is possible to treat another person like you would a g/f or b/f, just without the physical connections. My husband did this for years. Let me tell you it hurt just as much when I found out about the emotional connection as when I found out he was sexting strangers and was scheduling a meet-up.

The problem with emotional cheating, is that the offending spouse rationalizes it as being OK, because there is no sex, therefore it's not cheating. WRONG! The worst part was finding out that this other person was privy to stuff I though was personal between my husband and I.
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