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Default Hi, New here


Just editing my intro as I realised that there is a section for 'new to this'..

So suffice to say, probably easiest to read that.. My husband and I are looking into poly and there were various issues linked to that which I'm putting in that 'new' thread. We have been together 18 years although heading for our 20th year married, no kids (neither of us want them) and it's taken a while and a very bumpy journey to get here. The thing that really got things to a head was a brief time that my husband dated someone last year (details in my 'new to this post') and this actually spurred us to finally talk.

I have been reading a few messages already and I look forward to hopefully some advice and help from those who have been poly for some time. I live in England.

Not sure what else to write! eep..


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