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I think that the key is to be true to YOU, in whatever it is you feel. If your feeling insecure because of another person in your partners life (whether it be sexually, socially, or otherwise) the Poly lifestyle is not for you. We cannot set limits on our feelings ~ we feel what we feel and that can't be manipulated by anyone, including ourselves. If you truly take inventory of YOU and are true to YOU, you'll know whether you are making yourself happy being Poly or if your doing it to "keep" the partner you love. But I've found that trying to control others emotions, whether it be through rules, manipulation or lying to them and yourself will only cause unhappiness within yourself. I don't know I even buy into the "emotionally cheating" because we cannot really control emotions that come naturally (except outwardly maybe). To try to repress or control those emotions and feeling for a partner will only cause regret and resentment later down the road. Just my opinion, hope it helps.
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