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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I actually had a discussion on this with somebody today. I've encountered two types of poly folks (am not saying there aren't others): those who like to let things evolve into whatever naturally and those who like to know exactly where they stand. And of course one person might swing either way depending on a myriad of other factors. I am of the 'let it be'-school but do sympathize with the 'where we stand'-school. Members of this latter school of thought in the world of (poly) dating often say it is so important to know what the other person thinks of the relationship to avoid misunderstandings, disappointment, and drama. I respect and see this and personally think letting this just be whatever without labels attached is the best way to avoid misunderstandings, disappointment, and drama. Things get complicated when members of these opposing schools want to get it on.
This. About 100 times.

Not everyone wants to talk or 'communicate' until the cows come home. Honesty is much more important, and self-revelations are great to share....but dissecting every aspect of something, leaves differing schools in differing places.
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