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Thanks for the quick response.
Originally Posted by Ember View Post
You may want to look into a local swing scene. This would avoid emotional ties (in most cases) and give you the freedom to 'get your thing' in any number of ways.

Good luck!
This sounds like a pretty great idea, but given that I'm just an undergrad living on campus, I don't really know of any local scene. I'll do some research though, because the idea of somebody getting clingy if I decide to go through with this makes me nervous.

Oh, and you might want to ensure she's saying this as a reflection of what she really feels and not a reflection of what she thinks you need/want.
That's what I've been thinking, and I brought this up almost immediately. She pretty much just brought up the fact that I have a MUCH bigger sex drive than her, and she thinks it wouldn't be right for me to be cooped up at a college surrounded by young and horny students, and stay celibate.

I'm not sure I really follow her reasoning all the way through, but I'll keep it in mind for sure. It's just such a new idea to me (for the record, my fiancee is the only woman I have ever had sex with, or even dated for more than a month, largely thanks to a certain obsession of mine.), and I have the jitters.
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