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Default new to poly

Hi All. I'm just starting to look into poly more. I'm in a mono relationship at the moment with my husband of almost two year. prior to meeting me (we met thru an online adult site) he would attend adult parties. He hasnt really gone to them since except a couple of time during the last few months.

Husband has tried to get me more interested in attending the parties or having someone (most likely a female) come over to our place. He apparently wants to see me with another woman.

The conversation of poly started coming up because I have a male friend at work that is in an open marriage and he asked me to start hanging out with him away from work. And then we started getting more playful with each (usually in our offices after hours)... We had talked about getting more and more intimate with each other and he even asked me to spend a night with him at a local B&B he was booking for us.

that ended up being an interesting conversation with my husband and he seemed surprised some. but when my husband asks me if I want to go to the parties or my friends suggests maybe I should go to see if I would like it, I tell them both, there's a difference to me at least between going to a party and just doing it with someone vs taking my time to get to know someone 1st and ending up being more emotionally involved before taking that step

Although apparently my male friend will also do just purely physical relationships with women. He says if he is intimate with someone there's always an emotional connection to him but the level of emotion and the type of emotion varies

Unfortunately most likely nothing else will happen for a while because we were essentially caught most likely after work a few block away from the office kissing and hugging (our manager told us and talked to us). we're still friends but nothing more at the moment. my friend decided he cant keep our work relationship (which we do work together directly on a regular basis0 separate from say an after work relationship

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