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Thank you, Redpepper, I appreciate your thoughts, but have to consider the big picture here. My bf knew fully well going into our relationship that I am open to and interested in having relationships with others, aside from him and my husband. I think the depth of his feelings for me caught him off guard. He's actually processing well, for the most part, though I can see that it's a challenge for him. I do think that communicating boundaries and expectations early and consistently is important, and that's what I have been trying to do here. I respect his lack of security in our relationship - we don't have a house, a child, and a lot of history behind us that might help cushion those. I am willing to compromise and take things slow, but in the end we're either compatible in this or we're not. He doesn't have to date if he doesn't want to - I can't make him, just let him know the possibilities are there if he wants them. I hope we can move forward on these terms, but I guess only time will tell.
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